Sexual Assault: The University of Kansas

When Sarah was accepted and recruited to KU, it was very much like going home...they treated her so well and made it feel just like home.  Sarah had a number of schools recruiting her for rowing; it came down to KU feeling the most like home!

We were very excited about that fact, as my mother's family is from Kansas.   Her grandfather, Charles Foster was the sheriff of Anthony Kansas, his youngest son, Keith C Foster, is my grandfather and Sarah's great-grandfather.  Keith put himself thru college, working many jobs...times were very tough in Kansas in the 1930's!  Nonetheless he graduated from KU's School of Business.

Today, Keith is honored by KU, his name is inscribed in the Bell Tower on campus.  Keith gave his life for our country in WWII, he died over Budapest, Hungry.  His death had far-reaching effects on our family.